Ramsey Street Spoon.
There once was a spoon in Swansea (this isn't a poem though, so the rest wont rhyme)
It said 'Property of Ramsey Street' on the handle, and probably had something to do with the Australian soap Neighbours.
It belonged to a girl who lived in our house, and I really didn't like her very much.
She loved her funny spoon though.
When she moved out, her spoon got left behind, so I threw it into the Bristol Channel.
Some months later, the spoon appeared amongst my cutlery and I wondered if I'd thrown an innocent spoon into the sea.
For the second time, I decided to get rid of the spoon, so I threw it in the bin.

I moved house, and it turned up again. Unable to get rid of the spoon, I decided to keep it, and gave it much use until December 2004 when I released it again. This time, I sent it on its travels as a trackable item in a Geocache.
It travelled for four years around the world; 14,347 miles, before it was picked up by someone in North Carolina.
Unfortunately they then disappeared, along with the spoon, and they haven't been heard of since.
Maybe this time the spoon's gone for good.
Which is a shame because I quite miss it now.

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