It's lovely and sunny this morning, which is putting me in the mood for a bit of camping.

I love camping you see. I really appreciate the closeness to nature (grass), waking up with the sunrise (boiling in the tent as soon as the sun thinks about coming up), miniature cookers and simple living.
I like it best at summer music festivals, though the last time I tried it, it was a little bit damper than the weather has been of late.
Actually, it was very much damper.
The fields turned to mud, which quickly turned tents, and people into mud. Everything was about the mud, but the music was great and the atmosphere was absolutely wonderful.
The weather was lousy, but we were all in it together - sharing a common 'enemy'.

I do like hotels though.
They're usually warmer, cleaner, and more comfortable.
They have showers and flushing toilets and are mostly a lot less muddy.

Maybe I'll skip camping this year.