I used to quite fancy this actress off the telly. I wont name her, but she completely made my Saturday nights for years.
Eventually, I moved on, as you do, then one day she appeared, in front of me, in real life.
Talking to me.
Our paths crossed several times but each time we met, she had a different man with her - holding her hand. I guessed they were all her slightly over protective brothers, and that it was good she was being looked after.

Eventually we ended up at a festival, and at a backstage bar.
We drank wine together, for moments that seemed like hours.
We could have been the only people around, despite the thousands surrounding us, as we laughed like idiots.
I stared, absorbing everything in her eyes and every movement of her lips. I thought about kissing her.  She leaned forward, just inches away from me, putting her wine down. And then, as I reached out to touch her - one of her brothers appeared.

She said goodbye, and I never saw her again.

I think she probably came from a big family.