I've always been quite a careful person.
I've (so far) never lost a wallet, and keys have been  especially looked after. Without them, life can become quite complicated and confusing.

I woke up one morning, having been to a party that involved a bottle of tequila, that rather randomly, was found in the middle of a road.
I was on the top bunk of a bunk bed, fully clothed, with a girl I didn't know.
A few children were playing with their toys below us.
As I asked the girl if they were hers, she uttered approximately the same words.
Confused, we went downstairs, expecting to find we were at a friends house.
There was no one else around, and neither of us knew where we were.
At that point, I noticed how lame the girls fashion sense was, and shortly after, I was shocked at what I was also wearing.

It later emerged that we'd both somehow had most of our clothes stolen, along with phones and keys. At the party, someone had given us some old threads to keep us warm, and someone else had offered us the bunk bed to sleep on.
We left the house in silence, and did the 'walk of shame', on a cold Sunday morning, wearing the wrong clothes.

I never discovered who she was, or where we'd been, and I certainly didn't keep the clothes.