Swimming. London 2012 Paralympic GamesThat's very much to Sainsbury's and the Waterloo Novatel for sending us at random-things.co.uk a fat envelope of rail tickets, a hotel reservation, and tickets to some of the Paralympic events!  We had a great time watching the incredible athletes, the architecture and what will be the UK’s largest ever man-made wildflower meadows. 

Random and hectic it certainly was, but the atmosphere around the whole Olympic park was fantastic.
It was a very warm day when I went, and people seemed happy, they interacted and communicated in a way that's not seen often enough.
It reminded me of a day in Bristol, a few years ago, when overnight and through the morning, it'd snowed and snowed. As a result, Bristol ground to a halt as transport struggled and people couldn't get to work. Typically, school boilers failed and so everyone went and played in the snow! There were snowmen and snow-women everywhere! 
Sledges were improvised from bags, benches and beds, and on the whole the City had a really fun day off work!  
It's always nice to feel the warmth of human spirit, and the entire Olympic and Paralympic games have had it in bucket loads. 

I hope some of you got to see some it!