After Sir Jimmy Savile died in October 2011, it was decided that many of his personal possessions would be auctioned off for charity. This happened on July 30th 2012 at an auction house in Leeds, Yorkshire. I couldn't get to Leeds but I was able to watch and bid on items over the internet. The sale started at 10:30am, and I had a long list of random things that I was interested in. 

After 11 long hours, I'd been outbid on everything, and had nothing to show for such a long day. Nothing that is, apart from a 10 week old puppy, that I grabbed between bids; during a 20 minute break. 
I guess we should have named him Jimmy, but he answered to the name of Diesel, and that sort of stuck.  
Perhaps one of Jimmy's gold lame tracksuits would have allowed me a better nights sleep, but I would have looked odd going out for a walk with one.

PostScript October 2012 - It recently emerged that Jimmy Savile wasn't quite the hero we all thought.
Allegations of the sexual abuse of minors has emerged, spanning six decades, and hundreds of children. Unfortunately, the fact that he's dead and buried means that he'll never be prosecuted for any of this.