ice tongs to catch slugs with
I'm not a big fan of slugs, in fact I utterly despise them.
In 1992 I went 'wild camping' with some friends in Clyne Valley Country Park near Swansea. The wild bit was that we were vastly unprepared for a lie down in a deck chair, nevermind camping. However, for some reason we insisted on sleeping in the wood for the night.
It had just turned dark and on the way back from firewood collecting, I stopped off to have a bit of a wee. Finding a suitable tree to stand beside, I put down the wood, unzipped, and got myself 'prepared'.
I quite suddenly realised that something didn't feel right, and after a big girly scream and a funny 'dance', I realised that a large slug had been attached to my manhood.

These are the ice tongs I now use to catch slugs and snails in my garden. They're easily picked up with the tongs and put in a compost or rubbish bin. They cost hardly anything and it means you don't have to touch anything slimy. I have 5 new pairs for this 'summer'.
I don't do this out of revenge or anything, but I do tend to keep score.