mole paws
I've never studied a moles' paws before. In fact, I've only ever seen the one mole in a living state. I was therefore surprised to learn that for at least two millenia, mole feet have been revered for their medicinal qualities.  
In folk medicine worldwide, the mole has been used in whole and in parts to cure all manner of ailments and diseases. It's healing virtues are associated with everything from toothache to cancer, colic and convulsions. In much of Europe and America, the amuletic use of a moles' paws, claws or teeth, were thought to cure toothache and cramp; the parts being worn on a string or carried in a small cloth bag. What really amazes me though is that such tiny hands can look so delicate and frail; yet have the strength to dig tunnels at an average speed of 12-15 feet an hour. 
It's a shame they're no longer attached I think.